Static Website

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The static websites are the most basic type of websites. These websites are also called as the portfolio website, they are mostly used to show the portfolio of the companies. The static website does not require any high level of coding at the back-end, it can be built using simple HTML. We are providing the service of designing the static websites. We make the static website as per the working domain of the client. The website designed by us is having a very wonderful look which can easily catch the attention of the visitors, making them lured to look more in your services.

The content and themes of the static websites remain same. However, the content can be changed by the person having HTML knowledge. There are no changes to the hosting of the static website they can remain at the same host provider. Making the static website is very beneficial for the businesses whose information need not have to be changed regularly. The faster loading of the static website helps the small businesses to gain more customer views. Handling the static website is hardly troublesome as it requires very less attention for maintenance. The static website is very nice for small businesses or individual professionals.

The small and medium scale businesses can easily opt for the static website. If you do not want to invest more in the website making then making a static website will be ideal for your business. The website can help you to display your profile, the products or services offered and any other information through the website very conveniently. The static website can easily display your business profile online.

Advantages of the static websites:
  • Compared to other websites, the static website are easy to load
  • The static websites are more secure than different other types of websites
  • The dependencies on other applications like database, server applications is less or no dependency at all
  • The costing of making the static website is comparatively less
Why making static/portfolio website from Digital Solution Media:
  • Digital Solution Media can make a very wonderful static/portfolio website which can display your profile
  • Making customized static website solution as per the requirement of the client
  • The website can be made as per the business domain
  • Digital Solution Media strives to provide the static website which is easy to load and compatible with different devices.