microsite website


The microsites are basically the individual web pages which are made within the existing website. This site works as its own distinct identity. These sites are usually made in the main website for the commercials or any type of identity. We design the microsites in a very nice and professional way. We make the visually attractive microsites with flash animations.

We know the importance of the attractive design in the microsite, so we make each of the microsites very attractive. All sorts of flash, animation and different coloring shades are used to make a dazzling microsite. Many of the microsites are made for running a specific campaign for increasing their product sales in the market.

We at Digital Solution Media know the business and the requirement of the client to make the best microsite that can suite and help your business grow. We are highly committed to giving value to the client’s business. Many of the business are now understanding the advantages of the microsite and opting for it.

Advantages of the microsite:
  • Efficient marketing campaign
    The microsites are mostly used to run the marketing campaign online. The online campaigns like email marketing, Adwords, and many more are run using microsites. One can get large number of potential customers with well-placed microsites.
  • Brand awareness
    Brand awareness is one of the important steps in increasing the sales of the companies. A microsite helps the businesses to increase their brand awareness in an intangible way making the businesses to increase the business.
  • Increase customer engagement
    The engaging customers are energetic and happier which most probably to revisit your site. This helps the business to increase their sales considerably. The microsite helps the businesses to increase the customer engagement to a great extent.
  • Increase the new leads
    The microsite is helpful in increasing the new leads for the business help to increase the sales. An attractive design and a proper approach with the microsite can help to increase the new leads.
Why making the microsite by Digital Solution Media?
  • We make the microsite with a wonderful design which can attract more visitors to the site
  • Experienced individuals who have a made many of the microsites as per the requirement of the business.
  • The microsite gets easily detected in the search engine. We make the microsite which is search engine friendly and can be easily detected in the search engines.
  • We make the microsite at a very affordable cost which can suit the budget of the client helping them to achieve their business objectives.