interactive static portfoliowebsite


Digital Solutions is a reliable company providing the static website designing services. The static website is also called as a portfolio website, as it helps to show the portfolio of the company. The content in the static websites cannot be changed easily as it requires technical and coding knowledge. The businesses can show the products and the services provided, with the help of static websites.

While designing a static/portfolio website, it is very important that the design of the website should be attractive and sober. This will help the businesses to show their services in a much effective way to their potential customers. While designing the static website, we consider all the important aspects like following proper layout traditions, making the proper navigation to the website, user-friendly design, etc. This will give much comfort to the users, which will urge them to revisit the website again.

We collect all the information pertaining to the businesses and apply proper logic while designing the website. We consider all the ideas of the client regarding their requirement for designing, and then we design the static website. We ensure that the static website designed by us has a quality design and is very easy for the navigation.

  • The navigation in the static website is very easy which helps even a common visitor to easily go through different pages in your website.
  • The speedy loading of the static website helps them to get more visitors and urges the visitors to go through the website.
  • The static websites are cost effective when compared to other types of websites.
  • A well-designed static/portfolio website can help businesses or any individual to show their portfolio in a very easier way. An attractive design has a very great effect on the mindset of the user which helps the businesses to get more customers.
  • Digital Solutions have a team of very nice experienced individuals who have designed many of the attractive static/portfolio websites..
  • The website made by us is easy for the navigation purpose and any of the information regarding the business can be easily fetched from the website designed by us..
  • The website designed by us secured and rarely vulnerable to any of the virus or malware attack..
  • We design the static/portfolio website in a very affordable cost meeting the client’s requirement.