Android Apps

Android application to connect 22000+ members of the community with a single click. Application includes Events, Business Information, Classified and many more features.

With the increasing number of the Android phone users, the use of the android apps has experienced a steep rise. Using the Android app has become almost a necessity. Every user desires of the better working of the mobile app to get their work done.

Digital Solution Media is well-placed company in the design and technical expertise to develop the Android App. We have an incredible team of mobile app developers who are specialized in the mobile app development. We deal in developing both native and hybrid apps as per the requirement of the client. We use all the necessary and latest tools while developing the Android App.

The users expect a successful error-free running of the mobile app and expect the result to be delivered in a quicker way. We understand the expectations of the users from the mobile apps, so we strive to give them the best mobile app. We give more preference to the requirement of the client. Our development is more focused on creating creativity and originality to the Android App. We make sure that the Android App developed by us meets all level of perfection in a proper way.

Android Apps
Custom Mobile App Development Service

The business chooses Android Applications as a medium not only to generate the new business but to take the business to a pinnacle by utilizing the online opportunities. Considering the wide Smartphone Audience Android Applications becomes the first choice to engage with the customers effectively. So many businesses across the different industries are using the Android Applications as a business tool to thrive in the market competition. This has resulted in ubiquitous Android Applications across different platforms. So it has become essential to design and develop the Android Applications with innovation and creativity to always provide something new to the audience. Digital Solution Media has been successfully taking the insights from the partner’s business and delivering the custom solutions which is aligned with their brand value and identity.

The creative design and development have been the driving factors for Digital Solution Media. Customizations from small to higher levels are made with the same effectiveness and innovations. Businesses look to add extra functionality to the Applications to attract the customers by providing the novelty in the representation of their business services and activities. The customized layout, navigation, a customized theme to highlight a particular facet of the business and customized features to collectively make an impression on the users and further increase the business opportunity through conversions.

Certain applications & software are vital for the businesses and their integration is necessary to ensure the collaboration among the different online platforms. So integrations of the applications and software’s such as ERPs and various API’s has to be carried out with utmost care and with a thorough understanding of the involved software. Digital Solution Media has comprehensive IT resources to encompass all the requirements of the various integrations, data transfer and customizations to give solutions for everything at one place.

Different Applications such as Gaming Applications, Chat Apps, Multimedia Apps, News Apps, Geo-Location Apps, On-Demand Apps, Utility Apps, IoT Apps, Ride Apps, AR-VR Apps need a different level of customizations. Digital Solution Media clearly defines the Aim of the particular application and accordingly crafts the required customizations. Since Android Applications can have numerous features and functionalities, it is Digital Solution Media’s responsibility to suggest the partners on the best possible features and tools suitable for the application. Every customized application is backed with the market research of the existing application and how the novelty and innovation can be brought into a particular project. Even after the complete design and development process, Digital Solution Media suggests different latest modifications that businesses can apply to the Android Application. This categoric approach to build the customized application has helped Digital Solution Media to deliver the Android Applications with customizations of all scales. Also, the market insights have been the key in designing and developing the Android Applications with different objectives. with a proven record in the design and developing the customized Android Applications, Digital Solution Media’s team of professionals always look forward to the challenges and innovation in designing and developing the Android Applications.

Advantages of the Mobile Apps:

  • The mobile apps are now serving as the very faster application for the browsing activities. So, it helps to carry and remind many of the different business activities.
  • It is very important that you have a constant interaction with your customers to solve their grievances and communicate the information. The Android mobile has been considerably helpful in maintain the interaction with the customers. This will help you to assure that your customers are satisfied with your services.
  • Apart from maintaining the satisfaction level of the client, the Android mobile apps also help you to easily approach the targeted clients. The different offers and discounts offered by the companies can be easily communicated with the help of the Android mobile apps.
  • The android apps are very convenient to use, where most of the users can do all the primary activities is a very easier way. The necessary specific action can be done in a very easier way with the help of the android apps.

Why making the Android Apps from Digital Solution Media?

  • We have a team of skilled android app developers who have a nice experience in making Android apps. Our developers will understand the exact purpose of the Android app and all the requirement of the client, and then we go ahead with the development.
  • We ensure that your data is well-secured
  • The android apps developed by us are easy to maintain
  • We try to make the apps which can suit the budget of the client